Ask Dr. Macrene: I'm worried that the Tinted Moisturizer may not match my skin color...

MACRENE actives High Performance Tinted Moisturizer is formulated with the world’s most expensive pigments that work differently than other makeups; these pigments reflect your own internal light so they adapt to your skin’s color. You will find that you can use any of the three shades to go up or down in your own pigment levels. For example, if I use the light, it camouflages under eye dark circles beautifully, but I can wear the deep and look like I have a tan. Similarly, my chemist, who has very dark skin, can wear the deep shade to color match her skin perfectly, and she can also use the medium if she is interested in a lighter tone. My nurse who has brown skin can wear the medium or the deep shade to adapt to changing seasons and variability of her own skin color that occurs naturally throughout the year.


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August 07, 2019 by Ali Clark