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The World’s 50 Best Anti-Aging Ingredients Actively Combined into One Cream
Developed and Patented by Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas MD PhD who holds three degrees from Harvard University.
Updated Yearly with the most potent and proven actives to address all anti-aging needs in one product. 

Ac·tive (ak’tiv) n. an ingredient producing an intended action or effect

37 Extreme Actives and 37 Extra Rich:

The One-Step Skincare Solution that Does the Thinking for You
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  • MADE IN USA from ingredients sourced in the USA.
  • NO: Parabens/Propylene Glycol/Fragrance/Plastics/Animal or Human-derived ingredients/Acne/Irritation/Animal Testing
  • YES: USDA-Certified Organic Plant Extracts/100% recyclable glass jar/recycled natural mother-of-pearl spatula/US-made paperboard carton/plant-derived preservatives 

  • NEW & UPDATED: the World's Best 50+ Anti-Aging Actives at Most Potent Levels and US Sources, updated regularly with new cutting edge ingredients
  • 100% ACTIVE 2 years after jar opening - a FIRST in the industry. Other products lose activity over 1 year, while 37 Actives keeps its potency while in your medicine cabinet.

  • Actives for All Categories of Skin Aging:

Anti-wrinkle appearance:
Palmitoyl oiligopeptide & tetrapeptide7; acetyl tetrapeptide...
Anti-brown blotches:
Glucosamine, ergothioneine, arginine, amino acids…
Anti-red blotches:
Bisabolol, coffee, yerba mate tea, feverfew...
Ferulic acid, resveratrol, vitamins c & e…
Skin builders:
Peptides, sodium hyaluronate, barley extract (EGF-like)…
DNA defense:
Plankton, blue algae, micrococcus, arabidopsis extracts…
Cellular restore:
Soy, caffeine, minerals, resveratrol…
Barrier fortification:
Dimethicone, squalane, sunflower, sandalwood extracts…
Aging reversal:
Polyphenols; mushroom, bark, cocoa extracts…
Sodium lactate, glycerin, soy lecithin…


37 Actives does the thinking for you, eliminating the need to layer on dozens of products to cover all your anti-aging needs. This is the FIRST anti-aging cream proven to maintain 100% actives over 2 years after jar opening, an unprecedented achievement in skin care science.

Dr. Macrene defined the categories of skin aging in years of published research in the best dermatologic journals. The most potent and proven ingredients tackling each category of anti-aging were identified from the best labs around the globe. The world’s best actives were sourced in the USA and Dr. Macrene’s patented technology used to combine them at active levels in a single cream.

Giving back: 10% of profits are donated to Harvard University for research and education grants to help understand and fight cancers, including skin cancer.


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